NOTRA OB Historical Statistics

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This information is taken from "THE HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL OVAL TRACK RACING ASSOCIATION* by David Rosenstock (thru '83) & William J. Lewis"


  • 12 points were needed to attain an ORC for the Minor Breeds
  • There were 48 Whippet, 4 Greyhound and 1 Ibizan Hound Meets this year, all down slightly from the number the year before.


  • NOTRA's Fifteenth Year


  • The first Minor Breed attained an Oval Racing Championship: East Coast Borzoi racer, Phoenix Intent Fezzik, owned by Sam and Susan Banks,
  • Two other East Coast Borzoi got within 1 and 2 points of their titles, Ember and Ishtar respectively, poised to accomplish theirs in the following year.


  • There were 40 meets in which the "Minor" Breeds participated.
  • The NOTRA Nationals were an "All Breed" Nationals for the first time and the event was held at the Multnomah Greyhound Park training track, "The Rail", in Fairview, Oregon
  • The entry was 93 Whippets, 5 Afghans, 18 Greyhounds and 1 each Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound, Borzoi and Saluki.
  • Nike won the Afghan event, Pride over all the Greyhounds
  • the number of Minor Breed ORC's more than doubled to 7, with 4 Greyhounds, 2 Borzoi and 1 Ibizan Hound winning their championships.


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