Instructions For Race Secretaries

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I have created a document that reviews some of the more important and mandatory instructions for OB race secretaries. I will also be emailing this to the current race secretaries for all clubs who hold OB race events. If anyone has any other information that you think should also be included please email me. I am also posting a link to an excel file that is a great example of the correct format for results and includes all the information that should be included to ensure the results are entered in the grading guide correctly and in a timely manner.

Thanks so much for your help and cooperation.

OB Race Secretary Instructions sheet (pfd)

Here are a couple of results submitted in the correct format that race secretaries can use as a template or guide. These results include all the correct information necessary. Thanks to all the race secretaries who take the time and effort to review the results and check for typos/omissions/errors before sending them to me.


There are a couple of new forms that I created to assist in the FTE entries.