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If your dog is new to NOTRA racing you must obtain a NOTRA number for your dog. You DO NOT have to get the number BEFORE you enter your first race. The race secretary at the race meet can take a copy of your registration papers and the $2.00 fee the day of the meet and your dog will be listed as an FTE with it's NOTRA number pending for the meet. Once the Other Breed Record Keeper receives the registration information and the fee, your dog will be issued a NOTRA number and the most current grading guide will reflect that. Please fill out the FTE Entry Form and give this to the race secretary.

You may also obtain a NOTRA number before your dogs first race meet by sending $2.00 (cash preferable), the dog's "Call Name," the owner's current names and addresses and a copy of the dog's registration papers to the Other Breed Record Keeper. Please include a current e-mail address in case the Record Keeper needs to contact you. Check the current grading guide for your dogs number.

Application for NOTRA# Form (please fill out, print and mail along with the registration and fees)

Other Breed Record Keeper
Send all Other Breed Registration fees here, (cash is preferred but checks should be payable to Kate Binder)

Kate Binder
32 Montgomery Ave.

Nashua, NH 03060-5008
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

OB Registry

This is a list of all the dogs who submitted paperwork and fees and were issued a NOTRA race number since 2008. If you submitted paperwork, either directly to a race secretary or to the OB record Keeper, and there is missing or incomplete information on this spreadsheet, please contact the OB record Keeper with the correct or omitted information so we can bring the records up to date.

--> go to the OB Hound Registrations by Year spreadsheet

Registry Update Form

If you already have dogs entered in the registry we find that when it is time to send out certificates the information in the registry is no longer current. To help us provide you better service, please use the form to submit any changes in your name, address, e-mail address or the dog's name and titles.go to the

---> go to the NOTRA Registry Update Request form