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2015 Top 10 by Breed

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Congratulations to the Top 10 NOTRA Racers in each breed:

Last Updated on Monday, 25 January 2016 06:23

2015 NOTRA OB Nationals Results

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High Combined

Many thanks to the hard work and hours of preparation it takes to host a National Race Meet. COBRA, GSG, and LVCC put on an amazing event and we were blessed with great fall weather and participation from owners and hounds from the west coast, Rocky Mountains, mid-west, southern states, and of course the east coast where the event was located.

The action was captured by photographer Marc Stumbo and the photographs can be found at Axis Imaging to order your prints from the event.

Perpetual Trophy Winners
Basenji Sam
Sunbird Suddenly Silver Eagle Samwise the Brave Roach / Therrell
Borzoi Zhivoy Avalon Druid Dance Willowind JOR Cecere/Moore
Greyhound Chippie Whirling Chipotle JOR Houghton/Nichols
Italian Greyhound Cassie Celeste's Dark Energy SOR ORC Mulcrone
Rhodesian Ridgeback Kolé Kito's Love & Luck at Mwenje SOR ORC Price/Draper
Saluki Lance Windbourne Levanto Lancer SOR ORC Colletti
Silken Windhound Ranger SummersSpirit Chipotle Hayes

2015 Event Catalog
2015 NOTRA Awards Catalog


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2014 Top 10 by Breed

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Congratulations to our top 10 NORC point earners in each breed for the past year.
Last Updated on Saturday, 20 December 2014 16:27

Lifetime Achievement

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Lifetime Achievement - OB Racers with 30 points or more

Results  through 12/31/14

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 December 2014 16:04

Titles Earned 2008 - 2014

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Years 2008 through 2014. (totals for each title/certificate earned for each breed are in the far right column)

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 December 2014 16:05

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